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— R.I.P.: Dick Clark died yesterday of a massive heart attack. (The Atlantic Wire)

— AFTERMATH: There are reports of eyeless shrimp and humans soaking up toxins in the wake of the BP oil spill and cleanup. (Al Jazeera via ANE.NEWS.DAILY, Mother Jones)

— NUMBSKULL: A little numbness may be only lasting effect for NYPD officer stabbed in the head. (The New York Times)

— FRONT LINE: The US is hiring hundreds of mental health professionals to meet the needs of veterans. (The New York Times)

— OKLAHOMA CITY: It’s the 17th anniversary of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Office Building. (The Oklahoman, The Daily Beast, Oklahoma City National Memorial)

— TIME 100: Time Magazine lists its 100 most influential people. (Time Magazine, FlavorWire, The Atlantic Wire)

: Another obit written about the resume. (Tech Crunch)

— WHERE’S THE BEEF: More than pink slime is raising a red flag: (ProPublica)

— PROFOUND: Instruments of the Holocaust on display. (NPR)

: Children in Yemen suffer the brunt of political and economic unrest. (Al Jazeera)

— COUNTDOWN: Commercial space launch to the ISS set for April 30th. (Big Think, Wired)

— WHAT’S COMING: Paging Dick Tracy. (Uncrate)