Hi! I'm Duane. I'm a writer & photographer living in New York City. Here are samplings of random thoughts & experiences, & things that inspire me. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, or at my Website


— ECONOMY: Growth slows. (The New York Times)

— BOLDY GO: Enterprise lands in NYC. (The New York Times, Buzzfeed)

— BLAST OFF: Fly through space with NASA.  (NPR)

— OKINAWA: Half of the US Marines in Okinawa will leave after years of tense relations. (The Guardian, Stars and Stripes)

— BIN LADEN: Bin Laden family deported; anniversary of Osama’s death approaches. (NPR, Christian Science Monitor, The Washington Post)

— WAR CRIMINAL: Charles Taylor is convicted by international tribunal. (The BBC, Christian Science Monitor)

— WHAT? Obama got Bidened. (New York Magazine’s Daily Intel)

—WHAT WHAT? Obama’s too cool? (New York Magazine’s Daily Intel)

— LA RIOTS: It’s been 20 years since Los Angeles exploded. (TIME Magazine)

— HOLLYWOOD BANDIT: To many, he’s a hero. (The New York Times)

— HERITAGE: Mayans feel like strangers in a familiar land. (Al Jazeera)

— NON LETHAL WEAPONS: The military tests weapons that won’t kill you. (Wired’s Danger Room)

—WRITING: Tough love from “Papa.” (Flavorwire)


— POLITICS: Mitt Romney sweeps up, then attacks President Obama. (Politico, The New York Times)

— OBAMA: President Obama also hit the campaign trail last night. (Denver Post, The Washington Post, New York Magazine)

— MAD COW: The disease surfaces again. (The Atlantic Wire)

— NATIONAL SECURITY: The DOD creates the DCS. (The Washington Post)

— MONEY PROBLEMS: Cooper Union will charge Graduate tuition. (The New York Times)

— HEALTH CARE: Patients pay more as insurers change formula. (The New York Times)

— BREAST CANCER: Common contaminant exacerbates breast cancer. (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

— ENTERTAINMENT: Two ferns lands on cable. (Flavorwire)

— ENVIRONMENT: The U.S. and U.K. throw money to the wind. (The Guardian)

— NEW FINDINGS: A woman’s brain on porn. (Mental Floss)


— INSURGENT SURGE: Coordinated attacks in Kabul and elsewhere rattle confidence in Afghanistan. (via: The New York Times, Al Jazeera English, The Guardian)
— KILLING HIV: Stem cells kill HIV in a new study! (via: The Big Think, UCLA)
— WHAT HE SAW: Stirring photos of sleeping soldiers by the late Tim Hetherington. (via: The Daily Beast)
— AVENGERS: Tony Stark sparks speculation about additional filming! (via: Vulture)
— IN MEMORIAM: Mike Wallace is remembered by his son, and 60 Minutes. (via: Fox’s Fox News Sunday, CBS’ 60 Minutes)
— NO BRAINER: Stunt people deserve Oscars, too. (via: Hollywood Reporter)
— VERSE WITH VERVE: It’s National Poetry Month! (via: Flavorpill)
— TV GUIDE: When was your favorite TV character born? (via: Flavorwire)
— S’N’ROMNEY: Lorne Michaels makes a pitch to Mitt Romney. (via: The New York Times)
— WHAT ABOUT WAL-MART: Economists take a look at Wal-Mart’s impact on wages and economic growth. (via: The Daily Yonder)