Hi! I'm Duane. I'm a writer & photographer living in New York City. Here are samplings of random thoughts & experiences, & things that inspire me. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, or at my Website


— ECONOMY: Growth slows. (The New York Times)

— BOLDY GO: Enterprise lands in NYC. (The New York Times, Buzzfeed)

— BLAST OFF: Fly through space with NASA.  (NPR)

— OKINAWA: Half of the US Marines in Okinawa will leave after years of tense relations. (The Guardian, Stars and Stripes)

— BIN LADEN: Bin Laden family deported; anniversary of Osama’s death approaches. (NPR, Christian Science Monitor, The Washington Post)

— WAR CRIMINAL: Charles Taylor is convicted by international tribunal. (The BBC, Christian Science Monitor)

— WHAT? Obama got Bidened. (New York Magazine’s Daily Intel)

—WHAT WHAT? Obama’s too cool? (New York Magazine’s Daily Intel)

— LA RIOTS: It’s been 20 years since Los Angeles exploded. (TIME Magazine)

— HOLLYWOOD BANDIT: To many, he’s a hero. (The New York Times)

— HERITAGE: Mayans feel like strangers in a familiar land. (Al Jazeera)

— NON LETHAL WEAPONS: The military tests weapons that won’t kill you. (Wired’s Danger Room)

—WRITING: Tough love from “Papa.” (Flavorwire)